LUSH Picked Up Nationwide & Beyond On Radio

Written by Lauren Glick

Hey guys, so many things to tell you all! As you know the release of my new album came out June 3,2022 entitled LUSH! It has been picked up nationwide on many radio stations such as KGLP in New Mexico, RMU in Pittsburg, KYUH in Honolulu, 103.9 in Europe to name a few as well as locally 98.1Fm and Radio Ocean City. Because of all this airplay we were able to make the Root Blues Soul Chart album is currently number 12. I cant thank my true friends and followers enough and supporting this musical change that has always been my goal and dream. I always knew I liked the Blues style of singing but never imagined going this direction until we got a push from our Promotions manager Larry K to go for this direction. Since then I have continued to write Blues and and will be looking forward to a new release sometime this fall. It's very easy to stay the same and continue to thrive in our beautiful Ocean City, MD.

It's now time for me to step out of my comfort zone and travel doing some larger shows to promote my music which I feel can touch everyone in some way.

Published: August 29, 2022