Fall Festivals and New Album

Written by Lauren Glick

I'm so excited and grateful we are moving towards the festival scene!  The reason being is people are there to hear new music and loving it!  We are starting to build a nice following with my original band!

October 6 on my birthday our new single "Set Me Free" hits the pavement!  I think my fans will love this song mixing a reggae and pop sound with elements of blues.  The song is about a woman who begs to be let go or "set free" from a toxic relationship -- "please set me free I'm no longer the girl I used to be."

November 16 at House of Sauce will be my CD release party!  So, stay tuned for more info!

My CD "Lush" continues to bring new listeners and the CD has over 100,000 hits!!!!  Thank you Spectra Records!

We are now working with Eugene Foley to continue pushing this new music, welcome aboard!

Please take advantage to look at our merchandise for its all half off!!!

Hope to catch you at one of our shows!

Published: September 27, 2023